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Told You So

I never jumped in and rescued you, but I wanted to
I didn't tell you which way to go, 'cause I thought you'd know
You had a problem with your new found wealth, you brought it on yourself
I never told you I told you so, but I told you so

Have to let it go
it's time to let it go
Now I can't believe
It took so long to leave
Perhaps one day I'll grieve
Or I never will

I never told you I agreed with you, I don't think I do
I wasn't sure quite what the whole thing meant, but I'm glad you went
I never thought that it could be painless, but it is I guess
I had myself fooled into needing you, did I fool you too?


A viral infection that can incubate for years
Caused by affection fallen deep into arrears
No medication to procure
Makes me pure, there's no cure, I am sure

I never mentioned how I've prayed for you, and now I've paid for you
I never said that I would wait for you, it's too late for you


Words & Music by Steven Page & Ed Robertson

Stunt (Studio Album) Stunt Version:
Jim Creeggan: Electric Bass, Arco Bass and Cello, Vocals.
Kevin Hearn: Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals.
Steven Page: Vocals, Piano.
Ed Robertson: Lead Vocal, Acoustic & Electric Guitars.
Tyler Stewart: Drums.