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These Apples

A friend brought me flowers, she said they were lilacs,
But I've never been good with plants
Her next presentation, a new dictionary
She'd circled the word "romance"
So enthusiastic, a little bit drastic,
I shaved her name in my head
And as she beheld it, she said I misspelled it;
Need more be said?

These apples are delicious!
"As a matter of fact they are," she said
Can all this fruit be free?

She wrote me a letter as big as a phone book
I've never been big on mail
I sent her a postcard from somewhere near Lethbridge,
And wondered if it still went by rail
I've never been frightened of being enlightened
But some things can go too far
Though sometimes I stammer and mix up my grammar,
You get what my meanings are


I'm not trying to sing a love song - I'm trying to sing in tune
I know I am sometimes headstrong
Falling in love, catching fire - I want to be consumed
Wondering will I ever tire, will I ever tire?


Words & Music by Ed Robertson

Maybe You Should Drive (Studio Album) Maybe You Should Drive Version:
Andy Creeggan: Percussion, piano.
Jim Creeggan: Electric bass.
Steven Page: Lead electric Guitar.
Ed Robertson: Acoustic guitar, banjo, electric guitar, lead vocal, pedal steel guitar.
Tyler Stewart: Drums, snare drum.
Ben Mink: Harmony electric guitar.
Rock Spectacle (Live Album) Rock Spectacle Version:
Recorded live at either the Riviera in Chicago or the Olympia in Montreal, in Spring 1996.

Jim Creeggan: Bass guitar, double bass, vocals.
Kevin Hearn: Accordion, electric guitar, keyboards, vocals.
Steven Page: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lead vocal.
Ed Robertson: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals.
Tyler Stewart: Drums, vocals.