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New Kid (On The Block)

I didn't ask to be famous, but I'm not sore.
'Cause you can see my face in the window of every store.
You can buy my lunch box, and you can wear my clothes.
You can remember my name just as plain as the face under your nose.

I'm a new kid on the Block,
'though I may not be Johann Sebastian Bach.
So we may not write the songs we sing,
but look at Elvis, he sold his soul and you crowned him king.

I didn't ask to be famous, but I'm not sad.
You see, I've got everything that I always wished I had.
I thank my manager and I thank the screaming girls,
I thank my hairdresser for giving me such beautiful curls.

Now I'm a New Kid on the Block,
well I'm twenty-three and they won't let me grow up.
I went down to register for the draft,
well I got up to the counter, and the lady there just laughed.

She said You're a New Kid on the Block,
young girls scream and old boys mock,
well you broke my youngest daughter's heart.
I knew you kids were trouble from the start.

I didn't ask to be famous, but I'm not sure
that we're as apple pie as you always thought we were.
I can stay up all night. I can have a blast.
I can breakdance, I can fight, I can kick your sorry ass.

I'm a New Kid on the Block,
and 'though I may not be Johann Sebastian Back,
there's no need to be afraid of us
'though it just might be your daughter on our bus.

Words and Music by Scott Dibble, Steven Page & Ed Robertson

CBC Variety Recordings: Barenaked Ladies (Promotional Album) CBC Variety Recordings Version:
This disc was issued to radio stations by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
All versions are pre-Gordon versions, recorded in August, 1991.
Gordon (Studio Album) Gordon Version:
Andy Creeggan: Congas, shakers, vocals.
Jim Creeggan: Double bass.
Steven Page: Lead vocal.
Ed Robertson: Guitars, vocals.
Tyler Stewart: Drums.
Lewis Melville: Pedal steel.