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Never is Enough

What, am I to wake up suddenly and then
enroll at the local college, earn me a degree
and I could work weekends?
If I work real hard
I could mow your back yard

I can go to Europe, travel with my friends
I can blow a thousand deutsche marks
to get drunk in a pub with some Australians
Buy a giant backpack
Sew a flag on the back

I think never is enough (yeah, never is enough)
I never have to do that stuff
I think never is enough (yeah, never is enough)
You never have to do that stuff

I never had to spend a summer planting trees
I never worked my way through a forest inch by inch
Doubled over on my hands and knees
I never spent a single day in retail
Telling people what they want to hear
Telling people anything to make a sale
Eating in the food court with the old and the bored


The world's your oyster shell
But what's that funny smell?
You eat the bivalve anyway,
you're sick with salmonella
You get your Ph.D
How happy you will be
When you get a job at Wendy's
And are honoured with Employee of the Month


Words by Steven Page & Ed Robertson
Music by Ed Robertson

Stunt (Studio Album) Stunt Version:
Jim Creeggan: Double Bass, Vocals.
Kevin Hearn: Keyboards, Vocals.
Steven Page: Vocals, Phat Drumz Guy.
Ed Robertson: Lead Vocal, Acoustic & Electric Guitars,
Employee of the Month (July 1985).
Tyler Stewart: Drums, Vocals.
Colin Alexander of Soca Vibes: Scratching.