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Just A Toy

Look at my mouth, a thin painted line
Look at my limbs, bent up and bundled in twine
Forever, ever mine
Form of a tree, shape of a child
I wish I could cry, stuck in a permanent smile
Forever, ever mine

I know you must have loved me sometime
But now I'm just a toy
I know you must have loved me sometime
But now I'm just a toy
First there was me, nothing but time
Till he came along, you told me you'd always be mine

Forever, ever mine
Look at his face, somewhat like mine
But look at his nose, you can always be sure that he's lying
Forever, ever mine


Who needs you
A boy-to-be who
Needs to be

Better than him, worthy of you
Given the chance that he had, I know what I'd do
Forever, ever mine
I call him liar, you call him son
if I could move, I'd set him on fire and I'd run


Words & Music by Steven Page & Ed Robertson

Born On A Pirate Ship (Studio Album) Born On A Pirate Ship Version:
Jim Creeggan: Double bass, vocals.
Steven Page: Lead vocal, toys.
Ed Robertson: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals.
Tyler Stewart: Drums, vocals.
Back ground vocals and yelling by BNL, Michael Phillip-Wojewoda, John Millard, the Waltons, Bryan Adams and his audience.