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The girl works at the store, sweet Jane St. Clair
Was dazzled by her smile while I shopped there
It wasn't long before I lived with her
I sang her songs while she dyed her hair

Jane, divided, but I can't decide what side I'm on
Jane decided only cowards stay, while traitors run
Jane, Jane

I'd bring her gold and frankincense and myrrh
She thought that I was making fun of her
She made me feel I was fourteen again
That's why she thinks it's cooler if we'd just stay friends
Jane doesn't think a man could ever be faithful
Jane isn't giving me a chance to be shameful

Jane, Jane

I wrote a letter, she should have got it yesterday
That life could be better by being together
Is what I cannot explain to Jane

The girl works at the store, sweet Jane St. Clair
Was dazzled by her smile while I shoplift there
No promises as vague as Heaven
No Juliana next to my Evan

Jane, desired by the people at the school and work
Jane is tired, 'cause every man becomes a lovesick jerk
Jane, Jane

Words & Music by Stephen Duffy & Steven Page

Maybe You Should Drive (Studio Album)

Jane (Single)

Disc 1: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)
Original Album (Maybe You Should Drive) Version:
Andy Creeggan: Hammered Dulcimer, vocals.
Jim Creeggan: Electric bass, vocals.
Steven Page: Acoustic Guitar, lead vocal.
Ed Robertson: Acoutic guitar, electric guitar, vocals.
Tyler Stewart: Drums.

Upon looking at a map of Toronto, my friend Stephen Duffy remarked that the intersection of Jane St. and St. Clair Avenue sounded like the most beautiful corner in the world. It's not, but we decided to write a song using it anyway. Although the reference to Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando dates it a bit, it still sounds pretty to me today; especially Andy Creeggan's hammered dulcimer.

- Steven Page, 2001.

Rock Spectacle (Live Album) Rock Spectacle Version:
Recorded live at either the Riviera in Chicago or the Olympia in Montreal, in Spring 1996.

Jim Creeggan: Bass guitar, double bass, vocals.
Kevin Hearn: Accordion, electric guitar, keyboards, vocals.
Steven Page: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lead vocal.
Ed Robertson: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals.
Tyler Stewart: Drums, vocals.
E-Town Live Two (Live Radio Station Compilation) "E-Town" Version:
This is a live version recorded for the radio program "E-Town" in Boulder, Colorado on Feburary 19th, 1995. It was the final show recorded with Andy Creeggan still in the band.