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Christmastime (Oh Yeah)

Now that all the snow has fallen
It's crunching below my feet
And all the Christmas lights are shining
On houses up and down my street
And I can see the happy families inside
If only for a moment

It's Christmastime
I think I see the children down the street
Here they come caroling
And now I can hear them
They sing, Oh Yeah

Mr. Johnston got a Christmas tree
He set it up with his family
They're opening their presents, big and small
Mr. Johnston got a big, brown bowling ball
Sally got a pair of brand new skates
Jimmy got a box of frosty flakes
He knows that there's a special little prize inside
What a happy moment

It's Christmastime
The carolers are standing in line
They sing, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah

Words & Music by Kevin Hearn

The Ladies Room CD Volume 3 (Fan Club CD)

Cool Christmas (Christmas Compilation)

Kevin & Bean: Santa's Swingin' Sack (Christmas Charity Disc)
The Barenaked Ladies Version:
The song was recorded by BNL in September 1995, and was produced by Barenaked Ladies.
"It's Christmas Time (oh yeah)" was written by Kevin Hearn, and his original version appears on the Canadian CD, "A Canadian Family Christmas" by Nepotisim Records.
Barenaked for the Holidays (Studio Album) Barenaked for the Holidays Version:
Jim Creeggan: Electric and Acoustic Double Basses, Vocals.
Kevin Hearn: Piano, Keyboards, Vibraphone, Accordion, Mandolin, Vocals.
Steven Page: Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars.
Ed Robertson: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals.
Tyler Stewart: Drums, Percussion, Vocals.
(The credits above are the overall album credits.)
Kevin Hearn: Lead Vocals.