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Hanukkah Blessings

How lucky are we that we
Have lights so that we can see
Although the day is done

What a miracle that a spark
Lifts these candles out of the dark
Every evening one by one
Until the end of Hanukkah
Of Hanukkah

With the jingle bells and the toys
And the TV shows and the noise
It's easy to forget

At the end of the day
I hope family will say
These words for Hanukkah
Baruch ata adonai elohenu
melech ha-olam
Asher kidshanu b'mitzvotav v'tzivanu
l'hadlik ner shel Hanukkah

Light the candles for Hanukkah
For Hanukkah

We remember how Maccabees
Fought so all of us could be free
And so we celebrate

On this festival of lights
There's a joyful time every night
When we illuminate
The candles of Hanukkah
Of Hanukkah

Baruch ata adonai elohenu
melech ha-olam
She-asa nissim l'avoteinu bayamim
ha-hem bazman hazeh


Words & Music by Steven Page

Barenaked for the Holidays (Studio Album) Barenaked for the Holidays Version:
Jim Creeggan: Electric and Acoustic Double Basses, Vocals.
Kevin Hearn: Piano, Keyboards, Vibraphone, Accordion, Mandolin, Vocals.
Steven Page: Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars.
Ed Robertson: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals.
Tyler Stewart: Drums, Percussion, Vocals.
(The credits above are the overall album credits.)