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Great Provider

You and I have been through this before
I owe you my whole life, nothing more
I never said that I liked you the most
You're my father, I'm your son, who's the Holy Ghost?

Where does the time go when it's not around here? Oh, I don't know
Where does the time go when it's not around here? I don't know

Here we stand at the edge of the drive
I'm just waiting for my ride to arrive
I wait to see if you've any last words
We pulled away, I called your name, I don't think you heard


You and I never shared all that much
When I leave, I'll be all right, I'll keep in touch
As your road narrows, so mine grows wider
As I leave I turn and wave to the Great Provider


Words by Steven Page & Ed Robertson
Music by Jim Creeggan, Steven Page & Ed Robertson

Buck Naked (Cassette Album) Buck Naked Version:
The songs on this cassette feature only Steve and Ed playing guitar, and occasionally, tambourine and keyboard.
Maybe You Should Drive (Studio Album) Maybe You Should Drive Version:
Andy Creeggan: Electric keyboard, keyboard, vocals.
Jim Creeggan: Double bass.
Steven Page: Harmony vocal.
Ed Robertson: Acoustic guitar, lead vocal, mandola.
Tyler Stewart: Drums.
Jane (Single) Jane Single Version:
1998 Home Demo.
Produced by Steven Page and Ed Robertson in Ed's Bedroom.