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Green Christmas

The streets are filled with Christmas cheer
At least it's only once a year
Perfect parcels tied with perfect bows
And carols ringing in my ear
Bundled up against the cold
Lines wherever gifts are sold
Each shop window displays a Christmas scene
For everybody young and old
Icicles on eavesdrops and tinsel on the tree,
But it's a green Christmas for me

Couples skating on the pond
[couples skating the pond]
Making angels on the lawn
[makin' angels on the lawn]
Five red mittens drying on the rad
And needle-shedding tanenbaum
Red bows on the railings and
snowflakes on the ground
But it's a green Christmas in this town

Green, cause of everything I miss
All this mistletoe, no kiss
And with every Christmas wish
There would be no greater gift
Than to have this envy lift

Carolers are at my door [Fa la la la etc...]
Don't wanna hear them anymore
Stockings on the mantle
It snows here everyday
But it's a green Christmas anyway
Red nose on the reindeer and tinsel on the tree
But it's a green Christmas for me

Words by Steven Page
Music by Steven Page & Ed Robertson

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Soundtrack) Maroon Version:
This track was recorded during the Maroon sessions.
Maybe This Christmas Too (Charity Christmas Compilation) Acoustic Version:
This was a charity compilation with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Marine Toys For Tots Foundation.
Barenaked for the Holidays (Studio Album) Barenaked for the Holidays Version:
Jim Creeggan: Electric and Acoustic Double Basses, Vocals.
Kevin Hearn: Piano, Keyboards, Vibraphone, Accordion, Mandolin, Vocals.
Steven Page: Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars.
Ed Robertson: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals.
Tyler Stewart: Drums, Percussion, Vocals.
(The credits above are the overall album credits.)