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Bird Poop Rap

Sometimes it's white, it's runny, a little bit fudgy
Whether that's from a parakeet or from a budgie
I don't know where it actually comes from
Filled with birdseed maybe comes from
the bum of the bird or maybe from the wing
I don't really know about the anatomy of such things
I don't know where birds digest their food
I'm gonna stop talking 'cause it's getting kinda rude about

Birdpoop, Birdpoop, I'm talking 'bout birdpoop
Sweetest birdpoop... Sweetest Birdpoop

Did you notice that Sadie had lipstick on her teeth
When she did Live Aid and you look underneath
of her shirt and you saw those fabulous nipples
When she touch the water she makes tiny little ripples
I gotta say that I like Sadie, looks like Sadie
but you say it just another way
When the birds are up in the rafters
fills Tyler Stewart he's the drummer with laughter
As you don't know how the bird's gonna do it
Maybe you should see if you can pull it down and screw it
But I don't think that that would be a good idea
My name is Ed Robertson and I would be a
If I could, but I can't so I'm gonna be me
I will just see if I can go get Mr. Freeze
That was Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Batman movie
Isn't this song really fucking groovy
I think so, so I'm a gonna keep singing
If you wanna do it then your ears will be ringing
I'm dropping your name and your knees are getting hot
Now I'm gonna see if I can get a bird and get a shot
You I can do it with the budgies
I can do it with a parakeet and I'm a buddy
With everyone on the stage here tonight
I'm a rocking it up and I'm doing all right with...

Birdpoop... Woooo! Birdpoop...
I'm gonna sing about birdpoop... birdpoop... birdpoop

Live Improv by Barenaked Ladies.

The Ladies Room CD Volume 5 (Fan Club CD) Details:
Recorded live on 28th July 2001 at the PNC Banks Arts Center.
Note: The CD sleeve lists an incorrect date for this performance.