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Alternative Girlfriend

You're in an all-girl band
Your futon's second hand
Your parents understand but you don't care
I have a job in a shop
I'm an undercover cop
I make sure the customers aren't thieves

Old at being young
Young at being old
Everything's on hold within our evolution

You're my alternative girlfriend
I love you, and now you cannot pretend
There's nothing left that won't cross over

Last night we slept on the lawn
you woke up and I was gone
Back to the dream I dream to leave
My life with her is a bore
A worn-out metaphor
No more surprises up its sleeve

We're old at being young
Young at being old
Everything's been sold to other's revolutions


You live above your dad's four-car garage
With your vinyl and imaginary entourage
If I pull up in a U-Haul, pack up quick
So we can get out of this town 'cause it makes me sick


Words & Music by Stephen Duffy & Steven Page

Maybe You Should Drive (Studio Album)

Disc 1: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)
Original Album (Maybe You Should Drive) Version:
Andy Creeggan: Electric piano, organ, tambourine, vocals.
Jim Creeggan: Electric bass, vocals.
Steven Page: Electric guitar, lead vocal.
Ed Robertson: Acoustic guitar, vocals.
Tyler Stewart: Drums.

At the height of the grunge revolution, we were strumming on our old banjos and singing about macaroni. It felt like we were the ones being daring. From the difficult second album, this marks the debut of rock guitar (apart from a brief allusion in "Grade 9" from Gordon) in our canon. There's nothing left that won't cross over, indeed.

- Steven Page, 2001.

KSCA fm 101.9 Live From The Music Hall Vol. 1 (Live Charity Compilation Album) "The Music Hall" Version:
This track was recorded live in studio at KSCA in Los Angeles on September 13th, 1994.
ONXRT: Live from the archives, Vol. 4 (Live Compilation Album) "ONXRT: Live from the archives" Version:
This song was recorded at the BNL's concert at the Riveria Theatre on April 16th, 1996.
This was the same show that was the source of many of the songs on "Rock Spectacle".