SameDiff BNL



On this, their debut recording for a major label, Canada's quirkiest musical troupe introduced the world to their unique blend of scathing humor, skillful musicianship, and flat-out fun. Packed with songs that have become anthems to their adoring fans, Gordon is practically a collection of Barenaked Ladies' greatest hits. This CD features "Brian Wilson," an homage to the biggest Beach Boy and an exploration of the relationship between art and neurosis; "Be My Yoko Ono," a musician's entreaty to his winsome muse; "Box Set," a relentless indictment of one-hit wonders and washed-up rockers; and the staple sing-along "If I Had $1,000,000," which you can walk around humming all day without getting bored. Literally every song on this disc features the intelligent lyrics, tight arrangements, and astonishing vocalizations that BNL have made their stock-in-trade. It's a winner all the way around.