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Barenaked Ladies return to studio to record follow-up to Stunt

By BRENDA BOUW, National Post, April 7th, 2000.

'A little more political'

The Barenaked Ladies are going back into the studio to record their sixth CD, their follow-up to their American breakthrough album, Stunt.

Steven Page, who plays guitar and sings in the Toronto-based band, said yesterday the group will be in Los Angeles early next month to begin recording the album, which has yet to be named, for release in mid-September. It will be produced by Don Was, famous for his work with the Rolling Stones and Bonnie Raitt.

The band's first Canadian tour in four years will follow shortly after the album's release, said Page.

While the writing process is not yet complete for the new album, Page said fans can expect "classic Barenaked Ladies."

"It has all extremes. It has the humour, it has a lot of musical styles, it has the real down-tempo, thoughtful songs — maybe it is a little more political, some of the stuff," Page, 29, said in Toronto, where the band donated cash to the Serve Canada youth organization.

"There is no 'I'm a rock star' song on it," Page added, but said the political tune is about "Hollywood and its treatment of world issues as an excuse for action movies."

The new album follows 1998's Stunt, which contained One Week, the band's first U.S. No. 1. Page said his group hopes to build on that success.

"What we have done is built a really big fan base there, so I think they'll be excited enough about it and we'll be excited about that," he said.

Kevin Hearn, the band's keyboard player, said they've made a conscious decision not to imitate the last record.

"We are trying to grow and make a record that feels natural. Hopefully it will be as successful."

The new album will come out shortly after the film Barenaked in America, a backstage diary of the band directed by Jason Priestley, the Canadian-born actor of Beverly Hills 90210 fame.

The film is scheduled for release in mid-August. Page called the timing of the film and the new album a "happy accident."

Other band members include Ed Robertson, 29, who formed the band in 1988 with Page, bass player Jim Creeggan, 30, and drummer Tyler Stewart, 32.

The band's first release was an independent EP, Be My Yoko Ono, in 1990, followed by their debut album, Gordon in 1992; Maybe You Should Drive in 1994; and Born on a Pirate Ship in 1996.That same year, they released a live album, Rock Spectacle.