SameDiff BNL

Sonicnet Chat Transcript, July 16th, 1998.

BarenakedLadies: Greetings from our hotel room in Indianapolis, this is Steve from Barenaked Ladies!

BlueBoxx : Why did you allow one week to be the first release off of this album?

BarenakedLadies: As soon as we wrote the song we knew it was going to be the first single, so there was no question it was going to be the first.

Capitals37 : How is Kevin doing?

BarenakedLadies: Kevin, our keyboardist, for those you don't know has been diagnosed with Leukemia and is in the hospital. He's doing well. He's in a lot of pain. But we look forward to having him back when he's ready.

G_dog1_98 : What is the movie about?

BarenakedLadies: We're in The Wrong Guy starring Dave Foley in which we play singing cops.

Rmme_98 : Could you elaborate on the Bone Thugs bathroom incident?

BarenakedLadies: It was actually in the hallway of our hotel in Nashville, and Tyler was running up the stairs, he had to go to the bathroom badly. At the top of the stairs one of the Bone Thugs was waiting and scared the crap out of him which embarrassed us. Now we can't invite them to sing on our record.

Blubar : Where did you find the "Giles-mobile"? What make and model is it?

BarenakedLadies: No idea.

Bare_nakedlady : Who wrote the lyrics to "One Week"?

BarenakedLadies: Ed Robertson

BNLJeff : Gentlemen, What can we, as fans, do for Kevin to cheer him up and make him feel better and get him 100 healthy again and back behind the keyboard?

BarenakedLadies: Kevin has asked that fans make donations to Leukemia charities. Particularly our Canadian fans can donate to the Princess Margaret hospital.

Taragon23 : Who are your musical influences???

BarenakedLadies: Everybody from Beatles to Beastie Boys to Johnny Cash to Public Enemy. We love all kinds of music.

BNLJeff : Why does your newsletter The Ladies Room only come out every 4 months? As a fan I would LOVE to have one every month.

BarenakedLadies: Better than once a year. We're just trying to get this thing together.

Bare_nakedlady : I love you guys! How long have you been together now?

BarenakedLadies: Ed and I started the group 10 years ago this October, but we've been a full band since 1990.

Uncle_elwyns_neices : BNL what is your favorite song or songs to perform live???

BarenakedLadies: I always love to play Brian Wilson because I get a kick from the audience singing along.

BNLJeff : What DOES it mean to "wake out of a dream and be wearing someone else's shorts?"

BarenakedLadies: You have to ask Ed, he wrote that song. I never understood that part myself.

BNLJeff : I love Stunt. Are there ANY plans for a new multimedia album in the near future?

BarenakedLadies: We're not sure, we decided not to do multimedia, we wanted to get the album out by summer. Maybe the next one will have some multimedia content

BarenakedLadies: But if you hold it up to the light you can see all kinds of holographic images dancing before your eyes.

Monkeygyrl24 : Now that your popularity has increased greatly in the U.S. in the past year, will you still be playing smaller venues?

BarenakedLadies: Only in the places where we are not very popular.

Carelesbuttrfly : Do you like punk or ska better?

BarenakedLadies: As a teenager I liked both. But now I'd have to say punk SKA seems more like a trend whereas punk is more like a form of music.

Punto_Bob_is_here : Do you enjoy working with the Smashing Pumpkins?

BarenakedLadies: I've seen them twice in the last couple days, and although I was not a fan before, I've come to like them. They have 3 percussionists, one of the best piano players of all time, and Billy Corgan is a great guitarist.