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Barenaked Baby News Tears Page From Tour

By JANE STEVENSON, Toronto Sun, December 15th, 1998.

Toronto's Barenaked Ladies were down a singer at the group's Atlanta concert over the weekend.

Steven Page left the stage and jumped on a plane bound for T.O. last Saturday night after he was told his pregnant wife back home was going into labour.

"Steven did leave the show — they ended up doing the show without him and he flew back to Toronto," confirmed a Warner Music Canada spokesman yesterday.

Despite the excitement, the labour turned out to be false, but expect a new Barenaked baby any day now since Page's wife is due between Dec. 14-16. It will be the couple's second child.

Page is now going to sit out the few remaining Ladies' dates this year — radio station Christmas shows in the U.S. — which wind up Saturday.