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Barenaked Ladies Recall Halloween As 'Showghouls'

By DARREN DAVIS,, October 31st 2000.

Barenaked Ladies have some time off after finishing up the first leg of a tour in support of their new album, Maroon, in Philadelphia on Saturday (October 28), so they'll be enjoying Halloween at home this year.

A few years ago, BNL had to work on Halloween, and singer/guitarists Ed Robertson and Steven Page told LAUNCH they made the best of it at their show in Las Vegas, giving the fans an extravaganza. "Two years ago we played in Vegas and we all dressed up as showgirls. That was pretty exciting," said Robertson.

"That was hot," Page added. "Full-on giant headdresses and sequined outfits — it was hot," said Robertson.

"The crotch area... They're made for women who don't have penises or testicles," said Page, "and because we do, we found them quite confining. Other than that though, it was a success." Barenaked Ladies kick off the next leg of their tour November 26 at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, today (October 31) Barenaked Ladies will offer their first radio single "Pinch Me" as a CD single with a previously unreleased song, "Powder Blue," which was recorded during the Maroon sessions.