02 May 2005 - The Vanity Project

16 Nov 2004 - Barenaked for the Holidays
21 Apr 2004 - Apparently it's now 2004
27 Jul 2003 - Now with Google search!
27 Apr 2003 - It Lives!
09 Dec 2001 - Articles & Stuff
30 Sep 2001 - Notice The Difference?
10 Sep 2001 - Some Behind the Scenes Changes
25 Aug 2001 - A Few More Articles
28 Jul 2001 - Now With Over 150 Articles!
16 Jul 2001 - A Couple More Articles
28 Jun 2001 - No more Homestead - SameDiff has moved!
01 Jun 2001 - Yeah, I Am Still Alive!
07 Mar 2001 - Consolation Update
10 Feb 2001 - Another Update
27 Dec 2000 - Christmas Update
06 Dec 2000 - Major Update
15 Nov 2000 - Website Updates (or lack of!)

[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   May 2nd 2004

The Vanity Project

I recently got a copy of The Vanity Project's CD sampler, which I'm really loving. I have put some information and my thought about the music up on the front page. I've also add a few new articles and E2E reviews. (Just starting on the big mound of stuff I still have to add to the site.)

As always, enjoy!

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Barenaked for the Holidays

I've added three articles, a review and "Barenaked for the Holidays" to the site. Lyrics for this album will be added soon as well as more information when my copy apprives here in Australia!

[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Apr 21st 2004

Apparently it's now 2004

I've brought the rarities list up to date (exclusing all the official live BNL concert releases), and updated a few of the lyrics pages. I still need to fix all the E2E lyrics. *sigh* Also, I have about 150 articles I have collected that I will format and begin adding to the site shortly.


[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Jul 27th 2003

Now with Google search!

People have long been asking about the ability to search the article and review archive. You can now click the "Search" link on the Main Menu to search just http://bnl.samediff.net using Google.

I've also added about 15 new articles. They are the ones marked Added on July 27th..

[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Apr 27th 2003

It Lives!

The last year (read as 18 months) has been a little busy. I changed ISPs then lost access and couldn't update the site. You may even have noticed that SameDiff actually disappeared completely from the web for a little while there. [sigh]

The site is now being properly hosted and has its own domain. I should be able to slowly start updating it and have things return to normal.

This update fixes a lot of little things around the site. It doesn't add any new content (though many people may not have seen the stuff from the Dec 9th 2001 update since it was only up for a couple of weeks before my old ISP had a server crash and the site reverted back to their older backup.)

If you link to SameDiff -> BNL, could you please update your links to point to http://bnl.samediff.net

Welcome back all!

[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Dec 09th 2001

Articles & Stuff

I've just finished all my third year exams so I've had a little bit of time to work on the site.

Disc 1 information has been added to relevant sections throughout the website. I've uploaded about fifteen new pages to the articles and reviews sections.


[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Sep 30th 2001

Notice The Difference?

Well, the background has changed... but no, that's not all. I've converted every individual page on the site read its style from a single Style Sheet. This means it is a lot easier from me to make changes that affect the whole site, it also means the site looks the same and is easier to read on different web browsers.

Because of this, there could possibly be layout/formating problems with some pages. If you find anything that looks strange please email me (teppic@bnl.samediff.net) and I'll take a look at it.

For those of you who couldn't care less about the layout of the site there are fifteen new articles to read.

As always, enjoy!

[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Sep 10th 2001

Some Behind the Scenes Changes

With this update I've fixed some links, added a few releases to the rarities list, replaced a lot of the album covers with clearer jpegs instead of gifs.

I've also corrected the "I Don't Get It Anymore" lyrics and added the lyrics for "I Can I Will I Do" from Ladies Room #15.

No Articles this time, but I've got a few to put up when I get time. They should appear soon.

[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Aug 25th 2001

A Few More Articles

Just a few more articles to keep everybody entertained.

Happy Reading!

[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Jul 28th 2001

Now With Over 150 Articles!

Yep, I've added some more articles and we now have over 150.

Also, the lyrics for the two new songs that BNL have been playing in concert in the last week have also been posted under the lyrics section as:


[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Jul 16th 2001

A Couple More Articles

I've added ten or so articles.


[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Jun 28th 2001

No more Homestead - SameDiff has moved!

As many of you probably know, Homestead are discontinuing their free hosting service. As a consequence I have moved SameDiff to my ISP. For those with the site bookmarked, the new address is:


[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Jun 1st 2001

Yeah, I Am Still Alive!

Wow, three months since the last update. No, I haven't passed away. :) I decided to overload and take an extra 3rd year subject at Uni this semester, needless to say, it has left me with very little time for the site, and indeed, anything else.

This update is really just to make the page looked lived in. I still haven't finished the FAQ but I've posted what is done of it (I've still got lots to add). I won't be able to finish it off for probably a month as I've got Uni exams starting in just over a week.

I have updated the rarities list though, adding recent releases and most of the missing album covers. The corresponding lyrics pages have also been updated along with some corrections people have sent me.

And, a banner:

SameDiff - Barenaked Ladies Lyrics, Reviews & Articles.

If you want to link to SameDiff using this, just paste the following code in your page's HTML source:

More soon!

[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Mar 7th 2001

Consolation Update

Why Consolation... well, I kinda promised a BNL FAQ, it's not finished yet for various reasons (like adding more content to it, starting back at Uni, getting a new computer, etc)... BUT...

I decided to work on the articles before the FAQ, thus I have finished converting all the saved articles I had, I've posted another 40 or so.

Now I'm going to ask for your help in further expanding this archive. If anyone has transcripts of magazine/ newspaper articles or album reviews (I'm missing) with their relevant author, source, dates, etc. then I would love to add them to the site.
Just E-Mail them to me at teppic@bnl.samediff.net

As always, Enjoy!

[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Feb 10th 2001

Another Update

I've posted a few more articles & reviews.

Also, the FAQ sheet (aka. The Bare Facts) is almost finished, I should get chance to post it in the next few days.


[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Dec 27th 2000

Christmas Update

Firstly, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Secondly, I've posted another 30+ articles/reviews.


[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Dec 6th 2000

Major Update

Firstly, my exams are all over, this probably means more frequent updates. IF I can beat my social life into submission. :)

Secondly, I've added a whole heap of new stuff for your viewing pleasure.

More to Follow. Enjoy!

[ Prev | Back | Index | Next ]   Nov 15th 2000

Website Updates (or lack of!)

Sorry about the lack of updates. Firstly, I'm right in the middle of my Uni exams so I've been a bit busy, also I've been unable to upload anything for a couple of weeks as Homestead's FTP server was down.

Yesterday Homestead's server came back online and I've since uploaded about 40 more articles and reviews to keep you guys going. Enjoy!